Document your inventory of spraying agents, fertilizer and all other consumables, using our detailed transaction system.

Track usage

Have any worker document consumable usage with ease

When it comes to inventory management, many people think of time-consuming recording work. Because of that, we have particularly designed the Moosle app so that you can enter your consumptions without much additional effort in day-to-day business. For example, if you do not have time to specify the amount applied after each field, the app calculates your daily consumption down to the square meter so that your documentation remains highly precise.

Should your employees ever give no or incorrect information about consumption, you can also correct these for an entire task in the blink of an eye.

Stock history

Keep up to date on all inventory fluctuations

Often it is not only the current inventory that is of interest, but also the latest movements. In the Moosle app, the entire inventory history of all consumables is available to you at any time and from anywhere.

By the way, the app also works without any additional bookings. So you don't necessarily have to take an inventory if you are only interested in your exact application rates.


Attach vouchers, notes and other documents to each consumable

Everyone knows it - after shopping, a receipt lies in the tractor for days and is no longer legible, lost or even completely forgotten. To avoid such problems, simply take a photo of your receipts when booking with the Moosle app. You can then export these later for accounting.

The whole thing works just as well for instructions for use, nameplates and other files, of course.


Manage large numbers of consumables effortlessly

The more consumables you enter into the app, the better your overview will be and the more time you will save on documentation. For the use of the Moosle app to remain nice and easy even with a large number of consumables, all consumables can be assigned a clear category.
This also provides a precise basis for a cost calculation.


Estimate consumptions for tasks and compare to actual usage

If you use the Moosle Task module, then consumables are also suitable for keeping an even better eye on your work progresses. Define a certain target consumption in the task and compare the progress of the consumables with the progress of the areas in order to check whether everything is going according to plan.

More Features

In addition to the listed features, you can individually expand the range of functions of your app with the following modules. This way you only pay for what you really want to use.

Basic Features

The following functions are already available in the basic version of the Moosle app.

Aufgabenfortschritt auf einer Karte

Plan your work and track the progress of your workers with the Tasks module.


Keep track of every damage, illness or other problem in your fields, with the easy-to-use realtime alert module. Even if you weren't there.


Manage availability, defects, maintenance schedules and all associated machine information at one place with the Moosle Machines module.

... and much more!

Because the Moosle app is being expanded to include new features all the time, we cannot list everything you can expect from it. For this very reason, however, we have come up with several ways in which you can find out everything about the app.

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